Communicate your opinions effectively

How to lobby…

Writing a letter is considered the best way to communicate with your elected officials. Follow the tips below to express your opinions effectively:


Identify Icon

Identify Yourself

Identify yourself, personally and/or by your business. Legislators appreciate hearing from their constituents and need to know who you are.

Specify Icon

Be Specific

State up front your concern or issue. Keep your information concise and to the point.

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State Your Position

Let them know how you feel — in support or opposition — and why you feel that way. Often, it is the specific impacts — as you explain them — that will help your legislators understand the real-world implications of the legislation they are considering.

What do you want icon

What do you Want

Tell them what you want. Don’t leave them guessing. If you have a solution or recommendation, state it, again keeping it short and concise.

How to reach Icon

Tell Them How to Reach You

Be sure to ask them to respond and tell them how to reach you.


Format Your Letter

Your letter should be addressed to:
The Honorable (legislator’s full name)

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