Promoting the Economic Viability of Orange County

Furthering the legislative agenda for Orange County…

We devise strong, realistic plans that can be executed…


Advocacy at the Federal Level

  • Support patent reform
  • One ride from NYC

Advocacy at the State Level

  • Support SEQR Reform
  • Support Scaffold Law Reform
  • Gateway Tunnel

Orange County Initiatives

  • Support municipal and local governments cooperation to become more efficient and cost effective
    • Partner with other organizations to¬†educate municipal boards
    • No new taxes or fees for businesses
  • Support Small business Growth and Retention
    • Lower energy costs
    • Tax relief
  • Partner with Educational Agencies
    • Maximize efficiencies and cost effectiveness
    • Ensure education matches workplace needs
  • Workforce development
    • Child care
    • Affordable Workforce Housing
    • Transportation

Regional Initiatives

  • Stewart Airport
    • Support the Port Authority in their efforts to grow the Airport
    • Support the 105th Air National Guard Base
  • Support the Governor’s Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council in their mission of Economic Development of our area.
  • Infrastructure
    • Impact of conversion of Route 17 to I86 and adding additional lanes
    • Tappan Zee Bridge

Government Affairs Committee

Meets 1st Wednesday of each month at the Chamber office.

Committee Members:

Linda Muller Co-Chair
Josh Sommers Co-Chair

Peter Berman
Jack Boyle
Paul Campanella
David Church
Lynn Allen Cione
Joseph Czajka
Charlene Finerty
Gerald Jacobowitz, Esq.
Brian Maher
Alan Seidman
Jospeph V. Smith
Peter Sukeena
Deanna Sutherland-Tracey
Thomas Weddell
Scott Wohl
Irving Zuckerman


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