Furthering the legislative agenda for Orange County

We devise strong, realistic plans that can be executed

Advocacy at the Federal Level

  • Support patent reform
  • One ride from NYC

Advocacy at the State Level


  • Advocacy at the State Level
  • Unfunded Mandates
  • Property Tax reform
  • Reducing or eliminating new and existing taxes and  fees for businesses
  • Single Payer Healthcare
  • Support SEQR Reform
  • Support Scaffold Law Reform
  • Gateway Tunnel
  • Health Care costs

Orange County Initiatives


  • Workforce development
  • Unfunded state mandates resulting in higher county costs
  • Support municipal cooperation to become more efficient and cost effective
  • Support Small business Growth and Retention
  • Child care
  • Affordable Workforce Housing
  • Expanding intra-county transportation infrastructure

Regional Initiatives


  • Impact of widening of Route 17 and conversion to I86
  • Support growth of New York Stewart International Airport PANY/NJ
  • Support the 105th Air National Guard Base
  • Support the Governor’s Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council in their mission of Economic Development of our area.