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The Greg Gaetano Organization began in 2017 as a General Consultant Service. The proprietor, Greg Gaetano, is a retired Chief Investigator with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Greg worked in the Sheriff’s Office Administration for 12 years. He was responsible for implementing two law enforcement accreditations; writing policy, conducting inspection and audits, and he worked on the Tri-County Counter-Terrorism Committee. Prior to working at the Sheriff’s Office, he was a police sergeant with the New Windsor Police Department. He was responsible for the supervision of officers under his command and specialized the areas of community policing and problem-solving. Greg retired from police work in 2015 after 37 years of community service. He now works as an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice at SUNY Orange and manages his consulting business.

The mission of The Greg Gaetano Organization is to provide sound counsel to people and organizations. The bottom line is about keeping people safe and secure from physical and financial harm.

Greg has worked as a compliance auditor for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services for the past five years. He has conducted assessments and compliance audits on both small and large police agencies. He recently consulted for an agency of 40 officers. He assisted with their preparation for a full-scale accreditation. He is currently coordinating with the Council on Accreditation and the Better Business Bureau to bring accreditation programs to both public and private sector organizations.

As a teacher of Security Principles directed to those who are working to get their Security Guard License, he uses real-world situations and applies them to lesson plans, case analysis, and incident scenarios. As a member of the American Society of Industrial Security, he stays up to date with security issues and techniques.

Greg has had a good amount of study and experience in the field of politics and political science. Last year he provided political consulting to a candidate who ran for office in a local jurisdiction. On election night this candidate had a minor edge over the incumbent. After all the absentee ballots were counted the race came out as a tie. His candidate was appointed to the position by the local government body. This candidate is currently working on another campaign. Again, Greg has offered advice and counseling.

Greg has developed many contacts based on his past work experience both in the field of law enforcement and education. He sees himself as a teacher. He likes to help people out. Many times people need counsel from someone who sees the problem or situation from a neutral and analytical perspective. This is what Greg has done throughout his work life. He looks for the answers based on past issues and experiences. If he needs help, he’s not afraid to reach out to his contacts for assistance in order to assist.

Greg is also working on setting up a Speaker’s Bureau to provide interesting presentations on a variety of topics.


Gregory T. Gaetano

The Greg Gaetano Organization LLC