BullChicks’ Food Comes With A Warning

BullChicks is a fast, casual restaurant that is very popular in the South for a wide range of wraps, burgers, salads made from fresh ingredients and high quality produce. Their rising popularity can be attributed to the high quality of food provided with affordable prices. The mix between casual dining and fast-food allows for customers to receive the food quick and yet, it’s healthy and appeals to everyone’s taste.

BullChicks was founded in Corpus Christi, TX, and it has been rapidly branching out all over the country. Their recipes were hand crafted and perfected over time. The first restaurant of the BullChicks franchise in the northeast, is now open in Dunning Farms Shopping Center, in Middletown, and it has already received good reviews on social media. With increasing numbers of customers every day, their Facebook page has five stars and the reviews reflect that by praising their unique food and hospitable staff.

With unique recipes and a 20/20/20 menu of wraps, burgers, salads and many different flavors of wings and sandwiches, the food satisfies everyone walking through the door, whether you are bringing kids or the whole family. Even the pickiest eaters get their choice! Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, BullChicks is a perfect place for any time of the day as it offers healthy and tasty alternatives to less healthier, fast food options. It even features a kid’s menu for the little ones. Not only is the food prepared to each individual order, but the hamburger buns are also baked fresh every day, guaranteeing the same fresh taste every time! Unlike many other fast food chains today, BullChicks makes sure that the customers get good quality food without the use of heating lamps or ovens. The relaxing and comfortable mood of the restaurant is perfect for everyone, whether they are just stopping by for a quick bite or coming in with family or friends.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is tied to the company’s culture. The Wall of Fame lets you tag the wall with your own opinions. If you are daring enough, you could try out the Fire Wing Challenge that requires you to eat 7 level 15 wings in only five minutes! You could win a T-shirt, a $10 gift card and your picture on the Wall of Flame. The level 15 wings feature a sauce that is made of ghost peppers, the hottest chile pepper in the world, so beware! The challenge is not for the faint-hearted. So if you’re ever in Middletown, go check it out. “It’s what you’re craving.”

Warning: Our food might be slightly addictive!