Cyber Guardian Adds Top Talent

New York City’s loss is the Hudson Valley’s gain. Cyber Guardian Consulting Group proudly announces the addition of Serge Shuster PhD/ABD to our DevOps team. The Kingston-based Managed Services and Managed Security Services Provider is bringing more top-shelf talent to the valley.

Mr. Shuster specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning and Financial Analysis. CEO Nick Martin says that “I interview a lot of people, but I haven’t seen many with his skill set and nobody with his background.”

Mr. Shuster’s resume features a Who’s Who of Fortune 100 companies with positions at Morgan Stanley, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, J.P. Morgan Chase, Standard and Poor’s, Merrill Lynch… the list goes on. He has three MA degrees in Computing, Philosophy, and Economics and is currently a Doctoral candidate with a thesis on “Market Prediction of Future Macro Economic Events”.

Mr. Shuster will work with local organizations designing and installing cutting edge computing systems.

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Serge Shuster, our region’s business community will be more efficient and secure because you’re with us.

Contact Gerald Pallor,, 845-444-8273