May 24 Webinar: Boost Productivity by Connecting Data Across All Enterprise Applications

Move away from scattered, disconnected information applications by introducing a modern document management system. When your business systems and staff are seamlessly connected, you unlock new levels of productivity.

A document management solution that integrates with other applications allows your team to store and access the documents from their familiar programs/applications. With just one quick click, they can bring up the information they need – when and where they need it. This smooth interaction enables workers to swiftly carry out business processes and decision-making across multiple applications.

Join us in this 30-minute product webinar as a digital workflow expert showcases an introductory demo of DocuWare’s Smart Connect, using an accounts payable process as an example. Choose the time slot that works best for you:

Register for12 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. CET

 Register for 3 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CET

Picture this:

  • Quickly access documents stored in other third-party applications
  • Seamless exchange of data between applications
  • Improved data integrity and accuracy
  • Place a button within applications and relevant documents pop up automatically when clicking that button
  • No need to change tools or learn how to use a new system
  • Greater productivity and better collaboration

Register today! Can’t make it? Register anyway and we’ll send you a recording of the webinar the following week.