“Wow, wow, wow!” An Interview with Chamber Member Eric Maldonado


By Himmler Joachim

MaldonadoEric Maldonado has been a member of the Chamber for five years. Before moving from Astoria, Queens, to Orange County, Eric spent 10 years working in the intellectual property business, specifically trademarks and licensing. When he moved to the area, he joined the Chamber’s Young Professionals group in order to meet new people.

“I started co-chairing the committee, and then becoming chair,” says Eric. “I was also helping with the Snow Ball gala committee. Then I transitioned to becoming a Board member, and then I started chairing the gala committee. Where any opportunity presented itself, I ended up taking it on and just saying ‘yes.’”

Eric’s personal motto and trademarked phrase is “relationship first, business second.” His rise through the Chamber ranks is clear evidence of this motto.

“That individual that you’re helping out could be a referral that could pay off,” he explains. “People will do business with people who they like, respect and trust.

“The main thing was building so many relationships that turned into business transactions, whether it was instantaneously or in due time,” says Eric, adding that his main desire is to share what he learned about forming relationships with his fellow Young Professionals.

Aside from his work with Verizon and the Chamber, Eric has a side business selling specialty low-cut U-neck T-shirts of his own design. Eric’s “Nu-V” T-shirt is crafted in a way that enables men to wear button-down shirts with up to three top buttons open, without revealing the undershirt underneath. He came up with this idea while traveling through hot and humid places such as Miami and Las Vegas.

“I’m not a big fan of ties,” says Eric, explaining one of the inspirations for his T-shirt’s design.

Contact Eric at vzbusiness@orangecountyzone.com.