Would you recognize a Heart Attack?

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The first If you had heart disease, would you recognize the symptoms? You might be thinking, “Of course!” Many people are familiar with the scene of a man clutching his chest and falling to the ground, but there’s plenty more you need to know.

While there are many similarities in the symptoms of heart disease in men and women, there are even more differences – differences that could save, or end your life if you don’t know them. So before you pass that jaw pain off as the result of sleeping funny or lightheadedness as something a snack or rest can fix, learn the symptoms. And don’t ignore them.

Women who consider themselves healthy often misdiagnose the symptoms of a heart attack because they don’t think it could happen to them. That is why it’s crucial to learn about heart disease and stroke, know your numbers, live a heart-healthy lifestyle and be aware of the risk factors of heart disease.

What to do during a heart attack 

If you experience any of these signs or symptoms:

  • Do not wait to call for help. Dial 9-1-1, make sure to follow the operator’s instructions and get to a hospital right away.
  • Do not drive yourself or have someone drive you to the hospital unless you have no other choice.
  • Try to stay as calm as possible and take deep, slow breaths while you wait for the emergency responders.

What You Can & Can’t Control

Some risk factors you can’t do anything about. But others you can treat, manage or control with the help of your healthcare provider. Those you can’t change, like your family history, are still important when assessing your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Signs of a Heart Attack - Orange County, NY Signs of a Heart Attack - Orange County, NY

Together we are empowering women to beat heart disease and stroke, giving them more time to do amazing things.

WEAR RED AND GIVE – 2.1.2019

Wear Red and Give – 02.01.2019

One in three. That’s the price women pay for cardiovascular disease. It’s time to change this fact. It’s time to be demanding when it comes to women’s heart health and ask others to do the same. WEAR RED for awareness. GIVE for the mothers, sisters and friends that you can’t bear to live without.

Be relentless in support of women’s health

If you would like to raise donations online, in addition to collecting donations, you can build a fundraising page on your Heart Walk Team Page. www.tricountyheartwalk.org