Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County & the Orange County Resilience Project to host a Free Webinar: Tapping into Resilience

Cornell Cooperative Extension, together with the Orange County Resilience Project (OCRP), is hosting a free webinar on Tapping into Resilience on

Thursday, March 19th at 3 P.M. Everyone is Welcome!

About the OCRP:
The Orange County Resilience Project (OCRP) is a community coalition of representatives from various sectors, including schools, youth services, the library system, mental health, social services, human services, health care, local colleges, Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Cornell Project 2Gen, faith-based leaders and members of the community at large. The mission of the OCRP rests on the acknowledgement of the impact of trauma and adversities on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. The OCRP therefore promotes resilience by increasing awareness and creating a supportive and inclusive community that provides opportunities for connection, safety and growth.

With Governor Andrew Cuomo’s declaration of a state of emergency to help increase public health safety, many individuals, families and communities are understandably experiencing higher levels of stress and concerns than usual. In collaboration with some of the community partners, the OCRP will be offering a webinar with strategies to boost personal as well as community resilience and ways that help buffer children from the stress that is all around them.

The webinar will be recorded and everyone registered will receive a list of resources following the webinar. To register, please visit:

What Attendees will learn:
About the science behind resilience and how to stay within one’s resiliency zone, strategies to stay well and strategies for family life in social isolation, available resources, and how to contribute to building resilience in your community.

Cornell Cooperative Extension and its partnerships provide programs for Orange County residents on youth and family development; nutrition, health, and food safety; community and economic vitality; and agricultural sustainability through Cornell based research. Committed to Orange County, we design programs to meet local needs to enable people to improve their lives and communities. For more information call Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County at 845-344-1234 or visit our website at


CONTACT: Julika Von Stackelberg 845-344-1234