How to Refresh Your Brand in Just One Day

On #GivingTuesday last month, BBG&G Advertising held its first “Brandathon,” donating 12 hours of pro bono marketing services to The Children’s Home of Kingston. Some important advance work came first to identify the organization’s goals and research competitors in the market.

Then, the whole team worked together to create a toolkit of marketing materials, including a new logo, website design, newsletter and brochure template, and social media posts for the nonprofit to use as a part of its brand refresh.

Branding plays a huge role in the way people perceive your company – but branding can get stale over time. A complete brand overhaul takes time and resources, but a “refresh” can take as little as one day.

When you’re ready, here are five tips for an internal, affordable, “DIY” rebranding.

  1. Figure out what resources you have available that will help pull this brand refresh together. Contact a designer that can help with the new logo and visual aspects of the brand. Discuss with your team a timeline that works best for you and is organized enough to ensure your project is complete in one day.
  2. What is your competition up to these days? Researching similar organizations’ branding techniques can help identify what is working for them, and what you may need to modify to stay in the game.
  3. Think about ideas for a new logo, color scheme, and approach. (Involve several team members with different perspectives). Your logo communicates your message visually. What about the words? Are your taglines and the overall voice in your marketing really telling your story? If not, change things up – and strive for authenticity.
  4. Use your new logo and branding to produce templates for marketing materials like letterhead, business cards, and E-newsletters. Update your website and social media pages with the new branding, and check that the color scheme is uniform across all your platforms.
  5. Show off your new brand with pride! Let others know about the change by issuing a press release, advertising it on your social media accounts, and sending an E-newsletter to clients, staff, board members, and stakeholders.

 Need help refreshing your brand, or need it done quickly? Contact BBG&G Advertising at about their “12-Hour Rebrand” package or call them at (845) 615-9084.