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Marketing Considerations During COVID-19

It’s been a challenging few weeks for all of us, and many marketers are sitting at their desks trying to figure out how to continue to market their brands and keep their businesses on track. With all that’s happening, if you haven’t already shredded the 2020 marketing plans you developed late last year, it’s time […]

Are You Following Influencer Guidelines?

Following Influencer Guidelines - Orange County, NY - OCCC

By Bethany, Social Media Strategist at BBG&G Scoring free brand products was just the beginning of “perks” for influencers back when they first emerged in the industry. Now influencers have grown to making the big bucks for endorsing brand products on their social channels. These perks come at a price though. Believe it or not if […]

Orange County Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce Nicole Clark as our new Director of Marketing & Communications

February 12, 2020 (Goshen, NY) – The Orange County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce Nicole Clark as its Director of Marketing and Communications. Nicole did a fabulous job as the previous Director of Development & Events at the Orange County Chamber. She is excited to enter this new position. Nicole has a strong background […]

7 Big Marketing Trends Impacting Small Business

Marketing Trends For Small Business - Orange County, NY

Kimberly A. Whitler Senior Contributor CMO Network What are the big marketing trends impacting small business? I turned to industry experts for insight. Below are seven trends that small businesses in particular should pay attention to. Trend #1: Main Street businesses will have a renaissance. Laura Goldberg, Chief Revenue Officer for Kabbage. “Driven with the desire to take (much-needed) […]