Hudson Valley Eaters Name The Best Chicken Wing Maker

(Middletown, NY) The results are in, and the Hudson Valley has officially decided who makes the best chicken wing.

On Saturday night the Orange County Fair Arena in Middletown was an orgy of chicken wings, as food lovers from all over the Hudson Valley assembled to celebrate America’s favorite food.

Chicken wings all start out basically the same. The drum or flat is quickly deep fried so the inside remains moist, while the skin cooks to a crisp and crunchy consistency. It’s after the wing is cooked, however, that the artistry begins. That plain old wing can be transformed into something sweet, something savory or something screaming hot as it’s slathered with a unique combination of sauces and spice.

Wing lovers tasted a huge variety of chicken wings at this year’s Hudson Valley Wing Wars and cast their votes for their favorites in several categories. Here are the official results:

[PHOTO BY] Crash-N-Burn Event Pix
  • Grand Champion – Clemson Brothers– Everything Bagel
  • Runner Up – Scotchtown Craft – Maple Bacon
  • Bud Light Peoples Choice Award – Quinnz Pinz – French Toast
  • Best BBQ – Spacey Tracey – Hot Island BBQ
  • Best Buffalo – Clemson Brothers – Truffalo
  • Most Exotic – Quinnz Pinz – Sweet Heat With A Twist
  • Most Creative – The Bee Tavern – Sweet Asian
  • Hottest Wing – AJ Cafe – Euthanasia

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