Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork and Stewardship Speaking With Joe Zietz, Solar Consultant for Paradise Energy Solutions

When asked the question “How did you become interested in solar energy?” Joe Zietz simply replies, “I always thought it was a neat idea.” Prior to working with Paradise, he worked for a company that did panel installations.

“It was a great place to get a vast amount of experience in the solar field,” says Zietz. “They did residential and commercial.” In this way, he was able to get experience in both markets.

While working as a salesman within the industry, he saw the rising possibilities of investing in solar energy with his own eyes. Over time, he understood the technology and benefits so well that he thought: “Why wouldn’t everyone want to do this?”

Zietz also shares with me the history of Paradise Energy Solutions. The owners of the company are four brothers who grew up on a farm. They were previously stone masons before they sold that business and dedicated all their time into solar energy. “We expanded into nine states in five years,” says Zietz. “We will be opening our third office in Syracuse.”

Being a knowledgeable professional consultant, Zietz mentions that in 2014, there is of course lots of competition in the solar field, but he and his associates are not deterred. “We’re new to the Hudson Valley, so getting the 2014 Green Business of the Year Award over companies that have been here at least 10 years is a great boost.”

To compete in a competitive field such as solar energy, effective marketing is paramount. “We do really well on personal referrals,” he says. “We also teamed up with FOX Radio to get on the air and talk about our business.” Paradise Energy also does seminars, which Zietz mentions is a very good way to market their solar installations. “Businesses like to meet experts and trust who they work with,” explains Zietz. “When we solve their problem, then we usually have an order.”

Zietz adds that there are two crucial marketing strategy points that Paradise Energy uses to its advantage: giving “world class service” and providing solar consulting service to “areas where no one else would go.” He uses a local farmer as an example. Zietz describes that a farmer may not be the first type of business that a solar company may go for, but Paradise Energy does some creative financing in order to best serve them.

“Our primary markets are agricultural and small businesses,” says Zeitz. “Large companies don’t bother with small businesses, but we do.”

The key marketing tool that Zietz stresses is to treat people the way you want to be treated. “Look at it as if you were spending your money,” says Zietz. Providing another example, Zietz talks about a man he serviced who was located in a rural area. “He had a terminal illness, so we were trying to help him take care of his family after he was gone.”

After all is said and done, Zietz is a competent, knowledgeable and caring solar energy consultant who walks the walk and talks the talk. His greatest desire is to see Paradise Energy Solutions become the leading solar provider in Hudson Valley within the next five years.

“We have 40 employees,” he notes. “We’re not going to have the same footprint [as larger companies], but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the same impact.”

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