The SUNY Orange Business Club – A Brief, Yet Interesting History through The Eyes of A Single Student

By Himmler Joachim

SUNY Orange student Angelo Yonnone is a young man with many interests. Since most of them involve business, deciding to join the SUNY Orange Business Club was a simple decision.

“I joined a year ago,” says Angelo, during the Fall 2013 semester. He had been attending SUNY Orange since Fall 2012. “My friend was the student trustee [of the club],” he explains.

During the previous semesters, one of the Business Club events Angelo assisted with was a panel discussion for local business owners to visit the school and discuss their companies. These owners revealed their SWOTs (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and dispensed business advice.

“We also did an etiquette dinner, which taught students, and possibly business owners, how to eat politely and how to go up and talk to people,” says Angelo. “And speed interviewing, in which we had nine businesses come in and help.”

Last, Angelo and his club visited the Financial District museum on Wall Street in New York City.

“We aim to do three events a semester,” assures Angelo.

Meeting Angelo and his Business Club crew immediately after a recent Orange Chamber of Commerce breakfast mixer, I asked him what he and his club members received out of the event.

“I met a woman from Orange and Rockland Utilities,” said Angelo. He mentioned that they could be helpful for him for in finding a public relations opportunity. He continued, “And my sister met someone who does market and party planning.” Angelo confided in me that she is interested in fashion merchandising, so knowing someone in this field could be crucial for her.

One of the other members of the club, Damien, told me he will keep in contact with a few people he has met. He is the former president of the Business Club.

With our interview almost over, I couldn’t resist asking Angelo about his aspirations beyond his college clubs, and beyond SUNY Orange in general.

“I would like to get my Bachelor’s degree,” said the future Business Club alumnus. “I also recently took the test for the Newburgh police department. My next goal is to go to the Police Academy.”