IT Company Expands Across the River

Fisch Solutions

By Cullen Lyons
Fisch Solutions

It’s clear to the Orange County Chamber of Commerce that fourth generation business owner and founder of Fisch Internet Solutions (FIS), Jason Fisch, understands the importance of personalized service as much as we do.

While FIS has experienced monumental success elsewhere, they have begun to serve many businesses in Orange County. For this reason, they felt that their next appropriate step was to join the Orange County Chamber of Commerce. Owner Jason Fisch expressed that FIS, “is truly looking forward to assisting Orange County Chamber businesses by offering a unique set of service that include web design, with a focus on search engine optimization, cost effective IT Solutions, and award winning service all under one roof.”

Since 2006, Fisch Internet Solutions has grown their business from the ground up using organizations such as chambers of commerce to expand and grow our customer base. In doing so, FIS has experienced immense success. This success has lead FIS to win the Forty Under Forty Award in 2009, the 2012 Dutchess County EDC Business Excellence Award for Business Innovation, and most recently, the 2014 Dutchess County Chamber Headliner Award for Continued Growth in Current Economy.

In 2015, FIS was selected into Goldman Sach’s prestigious 10,000 Small Businesses Program. FIS is recognized nationally for developing an emergency response software for fire departments, and pride themselves in being the leader in fire department IT services. Currently they serve over 300 active clients nationwide.

These are the types of businesses that make the Orange Chamber great. Welcome Fisch Internet Solutions!