New York Drivers Need New License by October 1

Flashing your old driver’s license has long been sufficient to get through security and catch a flight around the country.

Starting in October 2020, though, it will take more than that old license to board a plane. New Yorker’s will need a different ID to hop on a flight, even one that is staying within the United States.

Here’s what you need to know to be up to date and ready to fly.

There are currently three types of driver’s licenses, permits or non-driver IDs that New Yorker’s can choose from.

Standard IDs can be used for identification purposes. They can also be used to board domestic flights, but only until Oct. 1, 2020. After that, an enhanced or Real ID will be necessary to get on a plane, unless you have a passport with you.

Enhanced and Real IDs — both compliant with the federal Real ID Act — can be used to board domestic flights in the United States, enter a federal building or military base, and for photo identification.

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By Matt Spillane / The Journal News

( Photo Credit: DMV.NY.GOV)