Orange County Chamber of Commerce Opens Satellite Office in Newburgh

New Location Offers Resources to Businesses in the City of Newburgh

The Orange County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new satellite office located at the Fresh Start Café on Broadway in the City of Newburgh. As part of the Chamber’s “Cities Initiative” program, the organization is bringing resources from its headquarters in Goshen, directly to local business owners in Newburgh.

Once a month, representatives from the Chamber will be on-site to answer questions and work with local business owners. In addition, the Chamber will coordinate a schedule of experts for a series of skill-building sessions on topics such as marketing, business plan development, financing and more.

County executives, Chamber members and local business owners gathered together on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 to celebrate the occasion.

“It has been almost twenty years since the Orange County Chamber of Commerce has had a physical presence in the City of Newburgh and I’m thrilled to say we’re back,” shared Lynn Allen Cione, Chamber president and CEO. “We have so many resources at the Chamber and the businesses in Newburgh can’t always get to our headquarters in Goshen. It’s our honor and our privilege to bring those resources, and the resources of our partners, to local businesses in the City of Newburgh.”

Senator James Skoufis said, “This is part of the specialness that is happening here in the City of Newburgh. I’ve heard from many small business owners that they have felt we were missing a presence, an organization, that can advocate and look out for us here in the City of Newburgh. There is a lot of excitement from the local business community to have that presence back. I look forward to continuing to work with the Chamber, especially here in Newburgh where all these small wins are starting to add up. The City has turned around and now it’s about accelerating that progress. And the Chamber, by virtue of being here, is now a part of that.”

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, 99th Assembly District, stated, “It is great that the Orange County Chamber of Commerce has opened a satellite location in Newburgh to service Newburgh and the eastern part of Orange County. I want to congratulate the Chamber on their continued success and growth. The Eastern side of Orange County has so much to offer and having Chamber resources located directly in this part of the county will have a huge positive impact.”

Deputy County Executive Harry Porr shared, “All good things in life begin with a job. I am personally very happy that the Chamber is opening an office here in the City of Newburgh. To have a presence here is symbolic of the future growth of this City. This city is coming into its own and I’m so happy the Orange County Chamber of Commerce is here.”

Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson said, “The fact that the Orange County Chamber of Commerce is coming back to Newburgh is a big psychological boost; it sends the right message. It’s important to know that you believe that business is back in Newburgh.”

City of Newburgh Councilman-at-Large Anthony Grice shared, “On behalf of the Newburgh Mayor and the entire City Council we welcome the Orange County Chamber of Commerce. For the past two years we have been pushing for a small business hub in the City if Newburgh and this perfectly answers the thing that we’ve been looking for.”

Councilman Bob Sklarz for Newburgh, Ward 3 also shared, “I’ve been in Newburgh for just under 50 years. During most of those 50 years I’ve been hearing ‘Newburgh is coming back.’ I think all of us feel that it’s real this time. Good things are happening and the Orange County Chamber of Commerce coming back to Newburgh is another good sign. Thank you and welcome back.”

The Newburgh satellite office for the Orange County Chamber of Commerce will be open the fourth Wednesday of every month from 9 AM – 3 PM. The office is located at the Fresh Start Café at 280 Broadway in the City of Newburgh, thanks to the generosity of Regional Economic Community Action Program (RECAP). “We are happy to partner with the Chamber on this important initiative,” said Charles Quinn, CEO of RECAP. “Fresh Start Café is a job training program. Here, we train some of the hardest working people in the county and I hope that benefits the members of the Chamber.”

The Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center will also be on-site during Chamber office hours to assist business owners with access to funding, preparing business plans and more. For additional information or to become a member of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce, please visit or call 845.294.1700.