What Facebook Admins Should Do that Other Checklists Don’t Mention

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Businesses can leverage social media to share updates and engage on a more personal level with customers and fans. What’s great about a Facebook Business Page is that you have insights into incredible data that can help you grow your business and compete in your industry. If you’re just establishing a Facebook Business Page now for a business old or new, it’s not too late to get started on the world’s largest social network. Here’s a checklist admins should be sure to bookmark when creating their first Facebook Business Page, aside from the obvious steps you will be led through when creating the Page itself.

Edit your story – Different from an Instagram Story, this blurb appears at the top right of your Facebook Business Page. You can add a photo that’s different from your cover photo, a headline, and a story that people can read to get a sense of who you are. You can take advantage of this area by adding links back to pages on your site that describe your services in better detail.

Page Template – Facebook will assign a template that it thinks will work for your business. Nine times out of ten, one or two of the tabs in the assigned template just don’t work for your business. Thankfully, you can change this in Page Settings.

Fill Out Services – Within the Services tab, business owners should fill out the Services they offer with a quick overview and an accompanying image. This is great for prospective customers who come across your business when they’re comparing services offered by your competitors.

Specify Price Range – Within your About section, a price range is pre-set based on how expensive Facebook thinks your services are. Unless your competitive advantage lies in your pricing, we’d recommend setting your price range to “Unspecified”. A low-price range could convey low quality, while a high price range could cause customers to avoid you altogether.

Inbox Messaging – Some business owners prefer not to allow individuals to message them through Facebook directly. If this is the case, be sure to include a button on your Page that leads to your website or a phone number, so they can get in contact with you.

Profanity Filters – You’ll regret this one if you don’t have any profanity filter set. There may come a time when a debate gets heated, or a double entendre goes wrong. You’ll want to avoid deleting comments whenever possible, and a profanity filter can help stop these embarrassing issues before they occur.

Visitor Posts – By default, anyone can post on your Page; don’t let this happen. You want complete control over what represents your business online. Set Visitor Posts to either disabled, or review posts before they are published.

Verify Your Page – This is done with a quick phone call and can solidify your legitimacy as your brand’s official Facebook Business Page.

Creating a social presence for your business can be overwhelming, but the pros can outweigh the cons with a little time investment. Facebook’s insights are unmatched and can have a huge impact on your marketing activities. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the “to-do’s” when establishing your Business’s Facebook Page, and getting the most out of it will not just be a one-time task. Facebook is ever-changing and offering businesses new ways to grow on the social network.

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What Facebook Admins Should Do that Other Checklists Don’t Mention